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[README] Frequently Asked Questions & Rules

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This thread answers the basic questions that user ask before they buy.

Here are some common questions:

1. Does it work with a lower build of Windows such as Win XP?

  • No, our private cheats only works from Win 7 to Windows 10 (32 bit & 64 bit), Windows 11 (64 bit).

2. Where i can reset my HWID?

3. Will I be banned from using the hacks?

  • If you were too blatant in using the hacks, of course, you would be banned. We provide personal build for each customer thus the possibility of being banned from using our cheat is low but not 0%.

4. How long does it take for Project-Amira to update the hacks to the latest patch?

  • Instantly

5. What anticheats do you support?

  •  Visit this page for more information 

6. Will I get the cheat instantly after buying it?

  • Yes, there is instant delivery after payment confirmation.

7. Can I pause my Project-Amira cheat subscription?

  • Yes, you can freeze it if you do not plan to use the cheat for some time.

8. Can i be refunded?

  • We only refund if the hack is not working on your system, after investigation (we actually log the behaviour of our software on your system.

8. What kind of data do you retrieve on my system ?

  • The only system-specific data we retrieve is your Hardware ID, otherwise our software will only communicate some debugging information useful for us to diagnose your issues like if your injection was/wasn't successful, few type of errors.

If you have anymore questions and need help feel free to ask your staff about it here:

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