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  1. PRPL

    Paid CS2 cheat

  2. PRPL

    EFT Cheat support AMD cpu?

    Hello @NurleN81 We support Intel and AMD processors. Kind regards, PRPL
  3. PRPL

    Maintenance Finished

    Dear customers and visitors, We have finished our server maintenance due DDOS attacks from our competitors and website is online again! We are sorry for waiting. Awaiting time be fully compensated 💜 Best Regards.
  4. PRPL

    do you sell hwid spoofer?

    We do not sell separately, spoofers included with our cheats.
  5. PRPL

    EFT cheat

  6. PRPL

    cs2 paid

    Your account already activated.
  7. Yes, project-amira support 5EWIN anti-cheat.
  8. PRPL


    The download link can be found on the email as well as here
  9. We've been officially supporting FACEIT for a long time without detections. You can read the cheat status here:
  10. PRPL

    Activate please

    Already done. Best regards, QBYTE
  11. PRPL

    Does this cheat work at gamers club?

    Yes, our cheat support GamersClub
  12. PRPL

    Paid CSGO

    Account activated & access given. Kind regards, QBYTE
  13. PRPL


    Yes, it's UD.
  14. PRPL

    Just paid

  15. PRPL


    Yes, we support controller.